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Services and process

Collaboration, creativity, skills, and experience...

...making a positive difference

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"Full service commercial photographer focused on meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of successful businesses..."

Even thought I'd love you to explore my work and this website fully, time is likely a scarce resource for you, and you probably don't want to spend all day here. So, here's a concise description of services and an outline of processes involved. Every client and project is different, but there are some common threads. To find out exactly what's involved and how your project will work, drop me a message and we can chat.

"Attention to detail, while keeping an eye on the big picture..."

The aim is to provide a consistently high standard of work to companies and their marketing, advertising, and creative teams; and to capture the brief, and the essence of the project, in new, exciting, and sometimes unexpected ways: on time, and on budget.

Depending upon the project, I am happy to work alone, or in collaboration with a marketing and creative team: I can take instruction, while offering ideas and creative input. Location-wise, I carry a set of portable studio equipment, so can undertake shoots at client locations. Where necessary to meet the demands of a brief, I can also hire-in specialist equipment and facilities, and refer other creative professionals. Post-production is in-house, with high-end retouching techniques.

"Client-focused process, concentrating on clear communication to build long-term relationships and trust..."

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