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I started out 'helping' my Dad in his darkroom, in awe at the seemingly magical way images would appear as if from nowhere in the developer tray. My first camera was a Pentax K1000. Nowadays I'm lucky to own my Dad's old camera, a beautifully over-engineered piece of German craftsmanship: a legendary Leica M6 Rangefinder.

I continue to use the M6 and develop the exposed film myself. Although I still have my enlarger, I tend to scan the negatives onto digital files (it's so much easier) and then process the images as if I were in an old-fashioned darkroom. It still makes me smile when the images somehow appear from nothing.

Unless a client specifically asks for analogue, I'll always shoot commercial work in digital; but there's still a place in my heart for analogue film.  The black and white, and colour galleries contain a small selection of images taken during my many 'walkabouts'...

Leica M6 Millenium Black Edition Rangefinder

Iain Wilson is a specialist commercial photographer based in Scotland. He provides creative solutions to businesses with a focus on People, Products, and Places:

  • Business headshots and portraits

  • Food and product photography

  • Architecture and built environments


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