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I’m a commercial photographer based in Edinburgh. I help businesses grow sales and optimise brand development by working with them and their creative teams to produce vibrant and cohesive visual concepts in support of successful marketing growth strategies.

Specifically, I’m a full-service commercial photographer with a strong empathy for entrepreneurial businesses gained through a background of more than thirty years helping and advising companies around the world. I want to make a positive difference through providing a consistently high standard of work to companies and their creative teams; and capturing the brief, and essence of the project, in new, exciting, and sometimes unexpected ways: on time, and on budget.

It’s a collaborative, client-focused process concentrating on clear communication to build long-term relationships. It’s about paying attention to detail while keeping an eye on the big picture. It’s about meeting the needs of successful businesses, and exceeding their expectations.


Why do I do it?


It’s simple really: I love it. It’s a privilege that people want to pay me for doing something I love doing. I grew up learning in my Dad’s traditional dark room (that’s us, above right), and was inspired by the images appearing in the developer tray: the stories they told. I thought about being an architect; but was lucky to spend many years travelling the world advising companies, usually with a camera to-hand. So, concentrating on working with successful companies is an obvious choice for me. I love the interaction with people which is inherent in business head-shots, advertising and beauty photography; but I also love the more cerebral aspects presented by the technical challenges and problem solving needs inherent in architecture and product photography.

My business ethos revolves around three Ps:  PEOPLE, PLACES, and PRODUCTS.


  • those who drive business; the people that make-up the team; and the marketing pros and models who represent and sell the brand, and advertise the products.


  • the places in which businesses live: exterior architecture; built environments; and interiors and lighting.


  • the products, services, and concepts that businesses sell.


I would love to hear from you. So, for commissions, collaborations, or just to find out more, drop me a line or fire me a text/call...

tel. +44 7766 073190

Edinburgh based.

Thanks for submitting!

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